Online Sportsbook vs. Just Plain Sportsbook

You know what we mean by Just Plain Sportsbook. Some people call them ‘brick – and – mortar’ sportsbooks. Some people cal them ‘land – based’ sportsbooks. Some people just call them ‘that goddamn place that took all my money’.

We will compare these Just Plain Sportsbooks to Online Sportsbooks. You may suspect that we favor one side over the other, but we will try to be as objective as possible.

Just Plain Sportsbooks: they open and close. Sometimes, like in Vegas, you may get lucky and find one that opens early and closes late, but 99% of the Just Plain Sportsbooks of the world make you work around their schedule not the other way around as it should be.

Online Sportsbooks, on the other hand, are open whenever you are. Got the 3:37am urge to place a wager or play some online slots? After all, chances are that somebody is playing a game somewhere. You can bet that they would enjoy the extra player just as much as you enjoy the game… At an online sportsbook, any time is open time.

Just Plain Sportsbooks: where are they? If you don’t know, you will have to find out. If you do know, you will have to go there. You could drive (gas money!) or you could walk (let’s hope it’s nearby) or at best maybe you could call (let’s hope that they are nice and that they get your information right while taking the bet).

Online Sportsbooks: where are they? Oh dear, anywhere you are. Just a year or two ago, we would have said “as far as your computer”, but now most of the best sportsbooks and online casino usa come on your cell phone too, so they are even more convenient than they were when we thought that they could not possibly be any more convenient. Most people literally carry one around with them in their pocket anyways. (Might as well use it!)

Just Plain Sportsbooks: while you are standing in line, you can get a quick look at the games and odds. You will probably be standing and waiting a lot longer than it takes to exhaust all of your possibilities, and good luck trying to figure out if the odds are better or worse than the competition.

Online Sportsbooks: no lines, every possible game that you could bet on, and checking the competition’s odds takes about five seconds. Convinced yet?

It seems that no matter how we go about this we are taking the side of the online sportsbook but that is just not the case. You see, if you want to have dinner while you are placing the bet, You have to go out… Oh, wait a minute, I can order in and have it delivered. That decides it for me. What about you?

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