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July update: Well, the World Cup excitement has left my mind buzzing like a vuvuzela and my body feeling beaten like a British goalie (aww, that’s a cheap shot). I am finding it difficult to get excited by any more local matches, and FIFA 11 is not coming out for another month or so. So what do I do?

Well, recently, I have been spending some time (and some money, but not too much!) at online blackjack. It is not soccer, but you only need yourself to play and you never have to laundry out any tough grass stains. Plus, you can do it at 2:30 in the morning in your pajamas without attracting too much negative attention!

Not that I would trade my beloved football (sorry, SOCCER) for online blackjack. Luckily, I can have both!

Anyway, back your regularly – scheduled betting lines…

For the current English Premiership League these are the LIVE betting lines:

Football, or ‘soccer’ as the Yanks call it, is THE single biggest sport on the planet. You knew that already, right?

What you may not know is that online wagering on the sport is also probably THE biggest draw to sports betting websites. Though the Superbowl and the Olympics may make a bigger splash for their times, the World Cup is a dependably huge period of activity for online sports bettors all over the world. Before and after, however, football provides more of a consistent (albeit sometimes complicated) betting environment than any other sport.

For one thing, football is truly global. Unlike most kinds of sport, fully – competitive and professional leagues and teams form in areas of both extreme wealth and poverty, in well – traveled or remote regions, across cultural boundaries and geopolitical divisions. Though not infrequently exacerbating rivalries and long-standing tensions, football also provides for contact and communication between areas that would otherwise rarely if ever converse.

We are quite familiar with the online sports – betting scene, and we would like to help out if you are just getting started or have run into some kind of barrier. The Internet has evolved from the real ‘Wild West’ days, but there is still plenty of dark virtual alleyways and pitfalls that await the unsuspecting traveler. Despite the work of many reputable and responsible companies, there are still far more dubious or outright dangerous destinations.

We will give you the information that will enable you to separate the good from the bad, the generous from the stingy, the helpful from the too – good – to – be – true. And we will do it all for free (though it would certainly be nice of you to click on one of our partner links… but chances are, you will do that anyway, because we only work with the best and most trustworthy of sportsbooks).

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